An Open Letter to Taco Bell

I pray this is NOT the "Next Generation of Breakfast"

I pray this is NOT the “Next Generation of Breakfast”

Dear Taco Bell,

I hope you understand the implications of your emergent breakfast campaign. The Next Generation of Breakfast, is what you’re alleging, which is ironic considering our nation is waging war against our next generation’s epic childhood obesity rates. Maybe you realized the high profit margin associated with breakfast, a time of day when people are more likely to require the convenience of fast food. Why should Mc Donald’s get all the market share, right?

930 calories for 12 Cinnabon Delights... Why is this even an option???

930 calories for 12 Cinnabon Delights… Why is this even an option???

Perhaps in your market research you failed to catch the fact our friends with the Golden Arches have been trending towards healthier offerings across the board, especially during breakfast hours.The Egg McMuffin you’ve been attacking in your ads, being one of the oldest fast food breakfast offerings available, is actually not lacking in nutritional value, and could be eaten on a fairly regular basis with little harm to the consumer.* Even McDonald’s most indulgent menu item, the McGriddle, seems like a healthy choice at 550 calories compared to the garbage you’re proclaiming to be the “Next Generation of Breakfast.” Let’s examine, for instance, your A.M. Crunchwrap with Bacon, which contains nearly 1300mg of sodium per serving. That’s over HALF the daily amount recommended by the USDA, and 90% of the daily amount recommended by the American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, and Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Hey consumers, sodium not your cup of high blood pressure? Taco Bell has you covered with the trademarked Cinnabon Delights. Go ahead and eat 12 of these tasty bites for a whopping 930 calories and 59g of sugar. Taco Bell, you’ve got to be kidding me. This is the crap you’re trying to feed people for the most important meal of the day? We’re doomed!

Of course, how could this be the next generation without social media? One click on your website and I can share your death feasts on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. You’ve even provided hashtags so I don’t have to think of my own when I’m posting my #foodporn shot. Really, you shouldn’t have. I did a little hashtag searching on Instagram, and sadly, you are right, this is the Next Generation of Breakfast, as the bulk of #waffletacobacon images were KIDS high school age or younger. I encourage you to look at the people consuming your destructive product; you will find they are actually the last people who should be filling their developing brains and bodies with anything less than real food. Where’s your moral compass?

As I’m sitting here writing this letter, I’ve seen several of your commercials on T.V., and I guarantee, the kids are watching too. Please, just stop. We’ve already given you your “Fourth Meal;” stick to the late night crowd and leave the most important meal of the day alone.



*Statement based solely on publicly available nutrition information. Eating fast food for breakfast is not the recommendation of this blog. My ideal breakfast is eaten at home and contains real vegetables, cage free eggs, and a viable source of protein.


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