Whole30 Prep Day

Starting Monday, May 19th!

Starting Monday, May 19th!

Tomorrow’s the big day! In anticipation of starting a new Whole30 on Monday, I’ve spent the last few days rereading Whole30 rules, ridding my fridge of nonsense, gathering helpful advice on blogs, and planning out my week in my head. Having only made it 13 days on my last attempt, I’m determined to complete the full 30 days this time around. One of the most helpful blog posts I’ve found is from Melissa Joulwan’s The Clothes Make the Girl, in which she gives more of a weekly guide than a meal plan — very helpful for those of us who are more spontaneous eaters. Joulwan also provides a shopping list and a few recipes to get you through the week. I’d recommend her site in general, and her cookbooks Well Fed and Well Fed 2 are chock full of Whole30 approved recipes.

Food Prep

One takeaway I’m going to try this week is soup for breakfast. Imagine the sparkle in my eye when I read the ingredients of my favorite chorizo at Whole Foods and it’s Whole30 compliant! On the prep list for today:

  1. One batch of chia seed pudding for pre-workout snack (1 can of coconut milk blended with 2 bananas and 1/4 cup of cacao nibs (yes, they are Whole30 approved), separated into four 1 cup containers with 2 tbsp of chia seeds per cup, stir it all together and refrigerate to set)
  2. Roasted two sweet potatoes in 1″ cubes, two zucchini, and two summer squash for quick veggie servings
  3. One batch of roasted cauliflower rice
  4. Browned and seasoned 2lbs of ground turkey
  5. 1 pot of Chorizo & Shrimp Stew
  6. Washed strawberries in vinegar solution (1/4c of vinegar and 2 1/2c of cold water), then rinsed, dried, and refrigerated

Also in the fridge/pantry waiting to be cooked or consumed:

  • Asparagus
  • Lettuce cups
  • Baby carrots
  • Spaghetti squash
  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Salmon fillets
  • Boneless skinless chicken thighs
  • Oven roasted turkey slices
  • Avocados for days
  • Tessa Mae’s Lemonette and Southwest Ranch dressings (available at Whole Foods)
  • Canned salmon and tuna for emergency meals
  • Canned coconut milk (both light and full fat)


Whole30 is about more than just what you put in your mouth. While the goal is to change your relationship with food, I also see it as a gateway to better habits and a sound mind. No need to reinvent the wheel here; just check out Melissa Joulwan’s 30 Reasons to Whole30 (clearly I’ve been all over her blog). I’m hoping to find some serious peace of mind through this process. This school year has been the longest yet, in terms of breaks, days off, and hours spent at school. While I’m in a happier, healthier work environment, doing your job well still takes stamina and mental energy, especially in any type of public service position. Hence, my desire for some mental decluttering.

Stupid Easy Paleo suggests setting 3 to 5 reasonable goals concurrent with your clean eating challenge. Seeing as I’ve got 20 miles of Ragnar coming up, and, if the universe wills, a fall marathon, I definitely need a running goal (if not an entire set of running goals). I’ve also been finding myself cranky and rushed in the morning, and I want this to be a pleasurable experience so my bedtime and morning routines need some work. It’s recommended to share one’s goals for a sense of accountability, so here we go — in no specific order:

  1. Run three times per week (including one run over 6 miles)
  2. Have lunch and pre-workout snack packed before bed
  3. Eat breakfast at home (and be out the door by 6:50 AM)
  4. Limit social media use to blog research

To up the ante on myself, I will not get a pedicure until I’ve completed 30 successful days of Whole30 in a row. This is a serious motivator seeing as it’s sandal season and I just did my own (mediocre) at-home pedi.


The Whole30 website does a phenomenal job of creating a community for people to share ideas and support. Here are some shortcuts to my favorite Whole30 resources:

Shopping List

Meal Planning Template

30 Days of Whole30 Recipes by nom nom paleo

My Whole30 Pinterest Board

Happy Whole30ing!

How do you prep for a successful Whole30???

*Disclaimer, this is my own personal account of my Whole30 effort. I am in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Whole9 or Whole30.*


2 thoughts on “Whole30 Prep Day

    • Thank you, Melissa! The process really helps one to learn more about their habits with food and life in general. I’m excited to be able to share my experience! Thanks for following!

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