Sweet Coffee Sausage Sautee

I’ve gotten a bit lax with meal planning. For starters, anyone who knows me knows I have a propensity for 1.) impulsivity and 2.) indulgence. The combination of the two make me a poor candidate for sitting down and planning a long-term menu. It also makes going to the grocery store a bit of a game; see what’s on sale, and then figure out what you can cook based on what you bring home. I don’t recommend this for everyone. I understand some people need to shop with a list in hand, because they are either the list type or the type who can get way too out of control without the presence of a list (or both?). All this really just to say, on yesterday’s trip to (a different) Whole Foods, I found a new variety of sausage behind the butcher counter, and was just blown away with the medley of flavors experienced during lunch. Super easy, super tasty, and involves leftover vegetable puree from last night FTW.


1 tbsp coconut oil

1-2 sweet coffee pork sausage* (or any other sausage available to you, but man was this tasty)

10ish grape tomatoes (halved)

3-4 heaping handfuls of kale (I buy it in a bag already prepped because I don’t have time for all that stem removing business)


Place medium sized skillet over medium heat and melt coconut oil. Add sausage (casing removed) and brown as you break it apart with a big spoon or whatever (I use a bamboo spoon; I’m not going to tell you what kind of spoon to use, I don’t know what type of utensils are in your kitchen. Choose accordingly). Once sausage is fully cooked, add halved grape tomatoes and sautee a few minutes before adding kale. Be sure to get all the oil and juice from the sausage all over the kale; this can be done by properly stirring the sautee. Once the kale is all greased up it should shrink significantly and be a beautifully bold green; this is how you know it’s done.


Pure deliciousness. The savory-sweet combo in the pork paired well with the vegetable puree. A+ for flavor!


*Whatever meat you use, be sure to check the ingredients; the “sweet coffee pork sausage” from Whole Foods has added sugar, making it a big no-no for anyone doing Whole 30 or the 21 Days Sugar Detox

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