Bacon-Wrapped Eggs, and Other Paleo Breakfast Ideas

I’m constantly in search of ways to make breakfast more efficient. A friend of mine posted a Buzz Feed list of 23 on-the-go breakfasts, and I got all excited thinking I’d find something revelational, but most of the list was either not paleo-friendly or didn’t look like it could hold me over until lunch time. Snacking between meals is a challenge for me since my school is a nut-free zone, so I prefer a big hearty breakfast. The struggle is real. After dinner last night I started searching for on-the-go paleo breakfast ideas, read some forums with the same old “eat leftovers for breakfast” advice, which would work if I didn’t want those leftovers for lunch. Something I hadn’t thought of previously, was the notion of making (or buying) paleo granola and topping it off with coconut milk; mental note formed.  I also came across 25 Paleo Breakfast Recipes, most of which seem like weekend breakfast ideas, but I got inspired. I will definitely try my hand at the paleo breakfast porridge, paleo woolly mammoth oatmeal, and paleo breakfast burrito. I keep telling myself making better choices is a process and it will get easier. It’s Thursday and my kitchen is still clean, so I’m already winning.

This morning I only hit snooze once, and literally popped out of bed at 5:50am ready to make breakfast. I’m always looking for ways to improve ideas and recipes, and since the muffin tin eggs of earlier this week didn’t seem well-received, I decided to be less complicated and wrap my eggs in bacon. I hear you wondering to yourself now, “How is that less complicated?!?” Because it required all of 3 steps and one pan (muffin tin; clearly I’m obsessed with making things in muffin tins).


1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees (does this really count as a step?)

2. In a regular-sized nonstick muffin tin, take a strip of bacon and wrap it inside the muffin cup (repeat this step for as many bacon-wrapped eggs you plan to consume)

Note: If you like your bacon on the crispier side, I’d experiment with setting the oven to 400 degrees, and baking the bacon for about 5-7 minutes before proceeding to step 3.

3. Carefully crack a large (organic cage-free) egg into each bacon-lined cup

4. Put the muffin tin in the oven and bake until egg is set to your liking (roughly 10-15 minutes)

5. Serve with a side of whatever you want. Or eat them alone, I don’t really care. I sauteed asparagus and sliced up some avocado (it’s not pictured, but did you really think there wouldn’t be any avocado involved?)

I find this to be a beautiful creation for many reasons. The presence of bacon means you neither have to grease the tin nor season the eggs. Also, once these babies are in the oven, you can spend your time doing other things like leisurely sipping your coffee (while you sautee your side veggies of course). The aftermath (i.e. clean-up) is practically nonexistent. Like I said, Thursday, clean kitchen, winning. If you are nice and share these with others, they will be amazed at how you cooked an egg in bacon, as demonstrated by an approving head nod. File under, “I might make this recipe so many times, I get sick of it,” if that’s even possible.

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