Avoid A Super Bowl Hangover

I have a confession to make. Thursday night I attended my first Yelp Elite event, which took place at Kings, and involved free alcohol and appetizers. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to indulge in moderation, and I was thoughtful in adding an equal ratio of vegetables to pulled pork sliders on my snack plate. I only took part in appetizers that actually appealed to me, and said no to eating other available items “just because.” By the end of the event, I wasn’t full, and didn’t feel guilty about my choices. It was just one night, and I’ve been successful in practicing mindful eating. I even made it to bed before 10pm, excited to get more than six hours of sleep.

Responsibly enjoying a much needed night out

Responsibly enjoying a much needed night out

Sadly, this is not a success story about eating in moderation and coming out unscathed. I’m still feeling the effects of Thursday night’s food choices, a “food hangover,” so to speak. My body now knows the difference between food and bullshit (pardon my French), and it isn’t happy with the choices I made, even though my brain was all like, “Good job, Kyra!” In cases such as these, the body is always going to win. I spent all day Friday feeling bloated, borderline nauseous, and just overall icky, even though I woke up and had my usual bowl-o-spinach for breakfast.

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us, and I’m sure many of you out there are excited for the game, the commercials, and the responsible partaking of snacks. Proceed with caution. If you’ve made changes to your way of eating recently, and you’ve been successful, keep it up. Whether you’re hosting or simply attending a Super Bowl event, try a new tradition when it comes to snacks and appetizers. One of my favorite resources, PaleOMG, created a great list of Super Bowl snacks using REAL FOOD. Think beyond carrots and ranch dressing, there’s whole world of real food out there.

What’s on your menu for Super Bowl Sunday?

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