Staying on Track and Starting Over

I pretty much owned this week.

I pretty much owned this week.

I’ve been back in Boston a week and it’s been quite the transition. Jumping straight from vacation mode to Whole30, 30 days of yoga, and long work days was a great welcome back to reality. Not to mention being half a day/world away from my partner after being joined at the hip in bliss for two full weeks. I have to say, I’ve been managing a lot better than I thought I would. While I was looking forward to the weekend, I was nervous for what would be in store for me.

I owe my success this week to focus. Daily yoga practice has allowed me a great deal of clarity and perspective. Negative thoughts were immediately replaced by positive ones, feelings of gratitude and satiety. My mantra of the week was “I will not complain!” because I have nothing to complain about. When my feet were cold on account of the inefficient heat in my office, I was grateful I didn’t have to deal with the -50*F temps my friends and family back in Chicago were experiencing. When I started missing Robert, I refocused my energy into getting our home ready for his return. When I got hungry between meals, I took a sip of water and asked myself if I was really hungry or if there was another need to be met.

The weekend arrived, and the weather was beautiful, so I opted for a 3 mile run instead of going to yoga. I loved every moment breathing in the mud-soaked air. I was fortunate to have a coworker invite me out during the day on Saturday, and we even went out to eat–my first restaurant meal on Whole30.  Yeah, I felt kind of douchey asking the server a million questions about how everything is prepared, but I also felt really good staying on track and ENJOYING my food.

Wood-grilled salmon, sauteed spinach, and bacon braised brussel sprouts

Wood-grilled salmon, sauteed spinach, and bacon braised brussel sprouts

And then today, I went to Trader Joe’s for more meat and veggies, and realized I’ve been eating bacon with added sugar on the ingredients list (I spent Saturday night reading the Bacon Manifesto… Oops!). So these 8 days I’ve been really proud of myself for following Whole30, and I actually haven’t been following Whole30. And I have to start back at Day 1. It’s really not all that bad. For 8 days I’ve shown focus and self-control, and I’ve learned more about my relationship with food and cravings than I knew I could. So tomorrow I’m starting over, Day 1 Round 2, and I feel more ready than ever!

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