Not My Mama’s (Bacon-Wrapped) Meatloaf Part II: The Leftovers

Since I’m cooking for one this week while my partner is away, I’m eating a lot of leftovers. The key to keeping leftovers exciting is variety, even if it’s just a little.  When I lived alone, I was really bad at this, so I pretty much just didn’t cook. I spent many-a-meals eating out—sometimes choosing not-so-healthy options. Cooking for two is only slightly better, as we usually have enough leftovers for lunch the next day. One thing I am trying to be conscious of going forward is keeping waste to a minimum. Running an efficient household is important to us; I cringe anytime I have to throw away food, and not just because it’s usually stinky by the time I’m throwing it out. The age-old “There are kids starving in Africa,” hits a lot closer to home. I know in reality, there are kids starving down the street, literally and figuratively. It’s happening right here at home, wherever home may be. As a teacher, I’ve seen kids have their entire day thrown off because they arrived at school too late to eat breakfast, and they rely on those meals. I’m not trying to open up dialogue around the impacts of poverty as much as I’m trying to illustrate the importance of awareness regarding waste. Eat those leftovers with pride, because it means you have more than enough.

Here are two ways I’ve eaten my bacon-wrapped meatloaf–again:


For lunch the next day, with leftover mashed cauliflower and whole brussel sprouts steamed in the microwave


For breakfast this morning, with sauteed asparagus, red onions, and mushrooms topped with two basted eggs

Do you have any tips for leftovers?

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