Say “NO!” to Excuses!

I almost didn’t go to yoga. It’s only the second day of my 30 day challenge, and I almost didn’t go. Almost. I had a laundry list of reasons why it was acceptable to miss:

  1. After being on 5 planes, a 6 hour coach bus ride through the desert, and 4 different time zones in the last two weeks, my body was too confused to allow proper rest before heading back to my 10 hour work day.

    Yay! You're home! Come play with me, pleaaaaase!

    Yay! You’re home! Come play with me, pleaaaaase!

  2. When I got home from work, my poor, traumatized, feline companion was meowing so intensely I swear she’s losing her voice; surely she could use some quality time.
  3. In all my meal preparation for today, I have a sink full of dishes and still need to cook dinner and pack tomorrow’s lunch.
  4. I not so secretly hate the studio where I’ve signed up for an unlimited month. I gave them two stars on Yelp. People have full blown conversations in the hot room when I’m trying to meditate before class—but it’s the most convenient studio in these parts.
  5. As long as I stick to my Whole 30, what’s one day off from yoga, right?

I even went as far as to tell myself since it’s only the second day, I can just start again tomorrow and it really wouldn’t make a difference. Then I told myself, “IT’S ONLY THE SECOND DAY!” and within five minutes I was in my car on my way to meditate to the sound of random people’s pointless conversations.  If I start making excuses now, what was the point in even starting? I’m tired enough to actually fall asleep at a decent hour tonight, Meow Meow will still be there when I get home, my meals are already planned for the next couple days, the dishes will get done, and other people’s conversations have nothing to do with my ability to tune them out. All that aside, I’ve combined these two separate challenges to by MY own personal 30 day challenge, making the Whole 30 incomplete without a sweaty yoga session.

Like a Japanese ham sandwich, Logan Blvd (Chicago), circa summer 2012

Like a Japanese ham sandwich, Logan Blvd (Chicago), circa summer 2012

Upon wiggling my way into a cozy pre-class savasana, I was able to take an unintentional baby nap, waking up more refreshed than before. I rocked the standing series, and for the first time in who knows how long, I was sooooo close to locking my knees in the first forward bend, you know, like-a-Japanese-ham-sandwich (no room for light, no room for air). Had I cheated myself out of my Day 2, who knows how long it would’ve subsequently taken me to reach that same realization.  It’s only going to get harder, or easier, from here, but I’ll never know if I don’t stick to it. Say “NO!” to excuses.

Ironically, the cat has ignored me since I got home. Time to do the dishes.


2 thoughts on “Say “NO!” to Excuses!

  1. YES! I realized if i spent more time during internal conversation over-thinking the angles of making a decision of what to do, I can save myself so much time and energy and just DO it.

  2. It’s amazing how much other stuff we “HAVE” to get done when, in fact, our bodies and minds should be our #1 priority! Good work and way to say NO to your excuses! No one ever regrets working out! 🙂

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