Whole Me

Whole Me, Best Me is centered around three main themes:

Fitness- Running, yoga, and weight training. I ran my first race as a teenager in 2001 and fell in love with running. Since then, I’ve completed 4 marathons, 5 Ragnar Relays, 13 half marathons, and countless 10k & 5k races. While running keeps me active (and sane), I maintain a balanced fitness routine with strength training and yoga.

Food – I first experimented with a (mostly) paleo diet in October 2013. I realized I naturally gravitated toward the perimeter of the grocery store anyway, and haven’t really missed grains, dairy, or legumes much. If I am not eating paleo, it’s probably because I had a pizza craving (I can’t help it; I’m a third-generation Chicagoan), or my sweet tooth got the best of me. I get a lot of my paleo recipes searching Pinterest, or by Google searching whatever ingredients I have on hand. While eating paleo does restrict certain food groups, thanks to the abundance of paleo resources on the interweb, I feel like I’ve been turned on to a whole new world of fresh foods.

Lifestyle – A whole/balanced life means more than just eating right and working out. There are many elements of my life that help shape who I am. I’m a daughter, sister, aunt, friend, partner, sorority sister, and educator (to say the least), so I may occasionally write about any of these things, and much more!

Whole Me [Positive-Inspired-Motivated-rEVOLutionary], Best Me.

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